myPharmacyConnect can help you...

Increase your pharmacy's availability

Approximately 30% of Rx refills requested with mPC are during times when the pharmacy would otherwise be closed, such as late night, early morning, or weekends. mPC gives your patients 24/7 access to your pharmacy.

Retain existing patients and attract new patients

Today’s patients expect the level of service and convenience that myPharmacyConnect provides. If your pharmacy can’t offer it, they will often find another one that can.

Enhance your pharmacy’s image

myPharmacyConnect shows patients that your pharmacy is advanced, modern, and invested in providing them with the tools and information they need.

Improve CMS Star Ratings

Refill Reminder messages, Ready For Pickup alerts, and Drug Information lookup tools from myPharmacyConnect can all help improve patient outcomes as well as plan star ratings, which are becoming increasingly important to pharmacies.

Reduce returns to stock

mPC’s Pickup Reminders alert patients when they’ve forgotten to pick up a prescription. Some pharmacies have seen up to a 50% reduction in the number of prescriptions they return to stock, meaning less waste, more revenue, and improved patient compliance.

Increase prescription fill rates

With features like refill reminder messages and auto-refills, you can increase the number of prescriptions you fill and help patients remain on their therapies.

Save time and reduce staffing costs

Refill requests from mPC are sent directly to your pharmacy system. You’ll save time versus taking refills over the phone and manually entering them into the system.

What are myPharmacyConnect pharmacies saying?

  • “25% of our daily refill orders come through myPharmacyConnect...” - Kip C.
  • “mPC has been well-received by our patients. [It’s] convenient for patient to drop off or order their prescriptions and know when they are available for pick-up.” - Don A.
  • “mPC pickup reminders quickly reduced our return to stock levels by half...” - Sam H.

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